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a powerful, genuine flavour

Renowned for its gastronomy, Burgundy boasts some of France’s most famous eating places, including a number of restaurants with culinary distinctions. Here you’ll find innovative chefs putting a contemporary twist on some of our most traditional favourites, but we have more modest place too.

Porte Rouge is in the heart of Charolais country, the beef that many gourmands consider the finest in Europe. The farms dotting our region are lush with produce and the vineyards of the Maconais just a twenty minute drive away.

Try some of Burgundy’s regional specialities such as tender Charolais beef, Bresse chicken, Burgundy truffles, Dijon mustard, small red fruits. And browse the colourful food markets where you can talk to farmers and growers who have a passion for produce.

Take your pick: little local markets or the great covered markets of Dijon and Lyon. Specialised laboratories where researchers work on questions of nutrition and health; a private kitchen where a chef reveals the tricks of his trade; a restaurant in the matchless setting of a château or a former abbey; truffle hunting near Auxerre or picking little red fruit in the uplands above Nuits-Saint-Georges. There are so many different ways of exploring Burgundy’s gastronomic heritage and enjoying a cuisine in turn traditional, innovative and creative. One thing is for certain – here all tastes are catered for!